Omega Seamaster Watches Still Popular Both In And Out Of The Water

Jan 15, 2013 Posted Under: General

When Omega first introduced the “Seamaster” watches in 1948, they were a big hit worldwide because of the unique and popular design that was viewed by customers as just perfect for use underwater.

Today, many fans of the David M Robinson Omega Seamaster don’t just enjoy the watches when scuba diving on when underwater because the watch is timeless when it comes to style and super durability. Fans of the watch think it’s really cool looking as well.

For instance, the latest James Bond flick “Sky Fall” seems to focus on the concept of time passing, and time needed for Mr. Bond to sort out the bad guys. Thus, it’s for good reason that there’s a variety of Omega Seamaster ads both in popular magazines and online featuring Bond actor Daniel Craig wearing his trusty Seamaster watch.

Now with a run of 23 Bond films, it’s interesting to note this tradition of 007 flicks includes quality watches such as the Omega Seamaster that seems to be essential to James Bond in this new film “Sky Fall.”

For instance, there’s numerous times when Bond checks his Seamaster for the exact time that something may be going down that will involve him and his talents as a secret agent.

There’s no room for errors in time for Mr. Bond, and thus his Omega Seamaster is on the job.

At the same time, owning an Omega Seamaster offers a certain sophistication that’s most evident in this new James Bond film where this suave spy is known to be a connoisseur of the good life; that includes having the best watch that Q can provide.

Thus, it’s the Omega Seamaster to Bond’s rescue as 007′s trusted watch of choice when the going gets tough.

Another ingredient of a James Bond film is the narrowing escapes that must be timed to the very second; while the Omega Seamaster has been keeping time for well over 60 years now as a first class quality wrist watch for both men and women.

For instance, a proud owner of an Omega Seamaster named Perry says “I got my Omega Seamaster after seeing an ad with James Bond wearing it. I was sold on the Omega Seamaster in part because I do a lot of deep sea diving, and participate in a variety of water sports that means I need a watch that’s really waterproof.”

Overall, customers of the Omega Seamaster say “it’s a watch that won’t let you down, ever.”

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