Tips and Tricks to Distinguish Original and Imitation Diamonds

Dec 03, 2012 Posted Under: Diamond, Tips & Guide

Diamonds are always an attraction every woman. The price is expensive and rare makes it very risky to buy at the jewelry store that is not trustworthy. Genuine diamonds and imitation is very difficult to distinguish. But if you know how to distinguish it will be easier for you to choose diamond. For women who can not distinguish between genuine diamonds and imitation, then follow some of these tips.

1. Testing by breathing on a diamond. If diamonds are genuine then the resulting fog will disappear quickly. But if the rhinestone diamond stone will remain hazy for a few seconds.

2. Pay attention to each side of the diamond. Genuine diamonds will show dazzling sparkle from all sides. Rhinestone often designed only give luster to the upper part only, but less shiny than the other.

3. Put diamonds on top of the paper and observe. If genuine, then you will not be able to see the writing on the shaded diamonds. For genuine diamond has a complex inner side, so that the light will not be able to make a shadow on the new one.

4. Look at diamonds with magnifying glass. If you see scratches on the surface. You could say imitation diamonds. Since diamonds are genuine are not easily scratched.

5. Compare your desired weight diamond with another diamond weight. If the diamond stone heavier, it could be a diamond that you want is product imitation stone Cubic Zirconia. Cubic Zirconia stones came from Austria who has the luster of stones like diamonds.

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